'Ducted fan - CFD sim' simulation project by dheiny


I created a new simulation project called 'Ducted fan - CFD sim':

A 3d printed ducted fan

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@Ali_Arafat - transient run seems to make troubles. Any hints?


Fine mesh run meanwhile also in there - yPlus actually is so low that the no wall function would be necessary to capture the boundary layer.

Pressure distribution on surface:


Hi @dheiny

The possible problem could be that the mesh for the Rotating zone is merging with the casing. See snap below,

I suggest to have a clear gap of atleast 1-2 cells between the boundaries of AMI zone and casing.

I hope this helps.




Very cool. Was it possible make fan rotate in simulation?

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Hi @TmReijo!

Indeed the fan rotates using the so called Arbitrary Mesh Interface (AMI). You can find more information about AMI and Multi Reference Frame (MRF) here: Rotating zones - MRF & AMI

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