Drone Challenge Winners

We are happy to announce the results of the SimScale Drone Challenge. Thanks to those who participated!

1st place: Awadh Kapoor (@awadh_kapoor)

Drone Frame

  • Awadh modified the frame to a hollow circular cross section with holes along the length reducing the weight from 8.56 grams for original design to 6.32 gram (ABS plastic) and reducing the displacement

  • The arm has no sharp corners and is symmetric making it easy to 3D print.

  • The hollow frame makes it possible to put the wires inside the arm for protection.


  • 4 designs for the propeller were tested using an MRF analysis in SimScale

  • Design 3 was chosen and increased the lift of the original design from 2.19 N to 4.67 N at a rotational speed of 2100 radians per second.

For full details see his Public Project here

2nd place: Ed Chan (@ECChan) and Akrem Mouffouk(@mouffouk_m_a)

Ed and Akrem used parametric modeling in CAESES to improve the design of the drone propeller.

The modified design with a four blade propeller increased the lift from a baseline of 2.19 N to 8.47 N for a 4 blade propeller. Drag force must be analyzed in the next stage of their analysis.

For full details see their Public Project here

3rd place: Richard Tegelbeckers (@rtegelbeckers)

Richard used SolidWorks to create modify the design of the propeller frame. He achieved a light, strong arm using a bent hollow tube construction which allows the wires to be threaded through. He 3D printed his design showing a reduced weight of 7 grams for the arm.

For full details see his Public Project here

Each winner/team will receive their very own drone, along with the radio controller and accessories. Congrats!


Working on 3D printing the drone parts from the winning designs here at the SimScale office! @psosnowski



Sent these in the mail today :smile: @awadh_kapoor, @mouffouk_m_a, @rtegelbeckers. Looking forward to seeing the finished designs!

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@AnnaFless @psosnowski

Hey, thanks to you both for your amazing efforts in sending the 3d printed parts. So excite to see the beautiful designs in physical existence. Looking forward to receiving them and soon sending you a flight video.


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Akrem (@mouffouk_m_a ) received his drone in the mail today - so @awadh_kapoor and @rtegelbeckers you should be getting yours soon!

Also, here’s a link with more info about the parts and assembly: https://grabcad.com/library/3d-printed-mini-quadcopter-mark-2-1

Just to confirm, I received my drone last Monday. Many thanks!!! I am planning to document the build process of the drone by means of an Instructable. This might take a little while though…


@rtegelbeckers, great to hear! Apparently shipping is faster to the UK than within Germany :smile:

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Thanks to entire Simscale team for this amazing gift. I enjoyed building it. And special thanks to @AnnaFless for all your efforts in making this happen so smoothly.

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Looks fantastic @awadh_kapoor! How does she fly?