'drive on in ground' simulation project by rharthcock


I created a new simulation project called 'drive on in ground':

in ground ramps

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Hi @rharthcock!

I assume the problem with meshing your geometry comes from the intersections inside your geometry. I think if you fix that the mesher should not have any problems at all.

All the best!



thanks so much! you fixed it, and now im having another issue the (top) of my project is showing up (front on simscale) also im trying to apply 4000 lbs to the top of the ramp just dont know how to do the formula, im going to look through the forum and see if i cant figure this out thanks againg


Hi @rharthcock!

If you have problems with the orientation you have to fix that in your CAD program which should be straightforward. Ramping loads is not that hard and has already been discusses in this thread: Ramping Load Function.

Tell me if that helps you! All the best!