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Download results from SimScale

Dear all SimScalers,

I encounter a difficulty of downloading files. I am right now conducting my final year project, which I have to simulate a workshop environment as well as provide suggestions to improve the air quality. However my result is too large to download.

Suppose my case needs to run from start time 0 to end time 100s.
Assume deltaT = 1 and the writeInterval = timestep =1.
So the calculation will give out 100 results.
Is that possible to download the result in that way:
Set the start time 0 to 20s, and download the result at this time interval;
Continue running the case from 20 to 40s, and download the result of this period only, i.e. only 20 to 40s;
and so on until 80 - 100s.

Is my thought possible in SimScale? Thanks in advanced.

Hi @cflee169!

Run continuation is possible on SimScale for unconverged runs, that means you cannot continue a run once the simulation stops at a certain level. For what you want to do you could just simulate the whole 100 seconds and cut it inside of Paraview but what I assume is that you want to change the settings every 20 seconds, is that correct?



Hey @jousefm,

I believe he wants to split the runs into 5 segments so he can split download the data as he probably is having issues downloading the whole 100 sets of data at once.

I’m not sure if doing the run continuation will render the previous data sets obsolete. I doubt it does and will continue to download the previous data sets as well which negates whatever you are trying to do @cflee169.

My suggestion would be to use a school net via a LAN connection which should be fast enough, then leaving the browser open on the page that the simulation is on for it to fully download.



Hi guys!

Then the question would be if you just initialize the following simulations with inlet conditions from the previous runs - that could do the job.



Hi Jousef,

Thanks your reply and the help from Barry. My problem is exactly what Barry describes - separate the whole run into small segments and download the portion, and combine the result at last. Do you mean after the first simulation, I click “Continue the run” and extend the end time to continue the calculation?


Hi @cflee169!

So run continuation with your purpose would be possible for steady-state simulations. However initializing runs with other runs is currently under development - so that won’t work unfortunately. If you have an idea how you want to proceed please let us know - Barry and I would be more than happy to help you out :slight_smile: