'Door Fitting' simulation project by michaellabdon


I created a new simulation project called 'Door Fitting':

A320 LH MLG Door Hinge Fitting

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@michaellabdon - interesting model! I just had a look at why your meshing operations are not successful. The reason is that your IGES model only contains faces, but no solids. This means basically the CAD model does not contain any “volume information” based on which the mesher can not generate a volume mesh. You can see this after the CAD model upload in the “Geometry Event Log” which says Number of solids: 0.

The mesher afterwards then complains about not having found any volumetric information, what you can find in the “Mesh Operation Event Log”. More information is also available in the documentation.

To fix this, you need to upload a solid CAD model. What CAD software are you using? Does it provide a STEP export option? STEP generally is the recommended upload format, it might immediately fix the issue. If you can not export STEP, you could also search for the IGES export options if it provides some option saying “export as solid” or something similar.

I quickly downloaded your model, made it a solid in my CAD software (simply by “sewing” its faces) and uploaded it again - meshing+sim went super smooth from then on. Find the project with some example load cases here:


The sewed CAD model then contains the solid information, as indicated by the Number of solids: 1 in the upload log.

Then meshing and sim-setup is straightforward:

Hope that helps!