'Dizertatie' simulation project by cangheluta


I created a new simulation project called 'Dizertatie':

Testing a vessel strength deck

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Interesting geometry and case @cangheluta!

I assume that this project is related to your dissertation if I am not completely mistaken looking at the name of your project :wink: Can you tell us a little bit more about it? Would be nice!




Hello. It is indeed related to my dissertation. I am trying to simulate the pressure force of storing heavy cables on the strenght deck of a cable layer( that is, the deck that takes the most stress during longitudinal bending of the vessel). I am very new to simscale, but from what I’ve seen, the elements used for the mesh are volume elements. I’m not used to this kind of meshing, and don’t really know what my geometry should look like. Solids, I imagine, and the plates should have the actual thickness? And how can I make sure that nodes of different solids, like, the deck and the stiffeners bellow, are overlapped and connected?


Hi @cangheluta and sorry for the big delay in my response!

You can connect your parts by using a bonded contact approach. We have quite a lot posts about that topic in our forum and you can also have a look at some public projects as well as in our documentation.

Hope that helps! If you need anything feel free to contact me or one of the PowerUsers.