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Diversion Error

Hello, Can you please tell me why Non-orthogonality and Aspect ration is getting high in my current case. I mean its a very simple problem, Just a closed sphere. Please check my case and suggest solution.

Kindly find attached link;

Please do needfull

Hi there, thank you for using the forum! What exactly do you wish to simulate airflow around this ball?

Thank you for reply.
I want to simulate dust inside the sphere. But in the Current stage i just wanted to use “Air” as a fluid. Wanted to know behavior inside the sphere. Only small mass is going inside comparing the sphere volume. In my problem only one opening is there. Another openings i have not modelled yet because those are vent, Vacuum pipe line etc. , which are not part of this process/simulation. But it is showing error, like diversion or mesh quality etc. Geometry wise problem is very simple. Please guide, I have added link in my previous post

And what should be the diameter of the sphere? Right now it is 200m?

No. The Diameter of sphere is 0.175 m

Hello, I used default setting in the mesh. Standard algorithm, No boundary layers etc. Now, my mesh problem has been resolved. Thank you for the support !

Now mesh quality is getting improved, but still showing divergence error. !

Kindly find below error;

Please do needful

Can anyone suggest me solution regarding diversion error?
Thank You in-advance !!!

Hi there, thank you for your patience, always feel free to tag me if a forum post stay unresolved for a long time!

Is it possible to import your model to STEP or Parasolid instead of STL please? This could be the reason the mesh keeps failing, as STL is not suitable for this type of meshing and analysis.

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Unfortunately i am not able to convert it in to STEL, but i can convert model in .igs or .iges

Iges should be alright, please give it a try and let me know how the upload goes :slight_smile: