Differing results 2newtons to 1.5newtons? Why? Help pls

Hi, I ran a simulation with multiple meshes. A few were done using standard mesher and the others used hex dominant meshing. With the standard mesher, I noticed how the results got more precise. With the hex dominant, I ran 2, about the same results. The lift force was about the same for both standard and hex dominant, but the drag force was differing from 2newtons for the standard mesher to 1.5newtons on the hex dominant mesher. Do you know what there is a major difference here? Do you know which one is more accurate than the other? Can you explain how to fix this major difference❓

here is the project link - https://www.simscale.com/workbench/?pid=3989353462007021982&mi=spec%3A20aee6fb-5fb7-460d-9b5c-c78a935c6efc%2Cservice%3AMESHING%2Cstrategy%3A52&sh=27

Thank you for your time, help, effort, and solutions,
Frank Lucci

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I’d recommend that you have a look at the concept of mesh sensitivity studies - one of the most common approaches is shown in this article from NASA.


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