'differential-casing-thermal-simulation' simulation project by dheiny


I created a new simulation project called 'differential-casing-thermal-simulation':

This project demonstrates how to compute the thermal resistance of a aluminum casing.

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The CAD model is courtesy of GrabCAD member Hrishikesh Kale. The CAD model was uploaded in STEP format and automatically meshed using the tetrahedral meshing operation on a 4-core machine. The resulting mesh is shown below.

A steady-state thermal simulation was set up. The objective of the project was to compute the thermal resistance of the differential casing. Therefore an inner power loss has been assigned to the inner faces. On the outside a convection boundary condition was assigned using an estimation for the thermal heat transfer coefficient between Aluminum and air at around 293 Kelvin.

The resulting temperature field allows to estimate the thermal resistance by using the maximum temperature within the casing and refer it to the overall power loss within the casing. The temperature and heat flux distribution also allows to check on hot spots that could be avoided with a better fitting casing design.