'Design Build Fly - AIAA Workshop Session 1' simulation project by drodriguez32


I created a new simulation project called 'Design Build Fly - AIAA Workshop Session 1':

Design Build Fly - AIAA Workshop Session 1

Step-by-step tutorial at: DBF Workshop Session 1 - Aerodynamic Study of Model Plane (Part 1)

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there's no option to create a new mesh under geometries tab


Hi @AbhigyanPESU!

Create a copy of the project in order to create the Mesh. Let me know if you need any further help!




Sir I’m a bit stuck with my post processing and require assistance could you please look into it ?
Firstly, there was an error after 100% completion of my second simulation. Then I couldn’t post process my first simulation, it says it needs time to load for the past few hours. Now, I can delete my simulation and create a new one . It’s not letting me do it . Please help.

looking forward to your reply

Thank you


I meant I cannot delete and create a new one .


Hi @AbhigyanPESU and sorry for the small delay!

Can you send me a private message with a screenshot of your problem along with the project link? Having a look at it then. No worries, we can figure that one out! :slight_smile:





I didnt understand how did the velocity input values were determined for 20 deg AOA, say I want to simulation on more angles (4, 10, 15 etc) and also at different speeds? then how will I calculate wht is Z Y X velocities....


Hi Ahtisham, just decompose the vector into its x, y, z components:


Sir, I’ve completed the workshop and have not received the certification yet, can you please look into the matter. As I’m applying for colleges right now, the certificate holds significant importance to me. Can you please let me know when I’ll be receiving the certification.

Thank you
Abhigyan Nath
pes university


Hi Abhigyan Nath (@AbhigyanPESU) !

If you had the message that the submission was successful we received your project and you should be fine. If there are any problems feel free to contact me at any time. Cheers and good luck with your application!



Sir, the submission was successful, but I do not have the link to the certification. So I’m not able to add it to my LinkedIn profile. Can you please help me out sir.
I’m terribly sorry for troubling you.
Thanks and Regards,
Abhigyan Nath
Student (ME)
PES University
Banaglore, India


Hi Abhigyan!

The creation of the certificate might take a bit. I have moved the conversation to private.

Cheers and all the best!



I do not understand how to complete the post-processing phase, the new Simscale version seems to be really different from that described in th homework.


Good point @vmosca!

The tutorials definitely need to be adapted - I will forward this .

Thanks and all the best!