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Density based compressible simulation?


I have noted that it is not possible to make a transient compressible density-based (rhoCentralFoam) simulation. Is that right? Has something changed in the new version? Or are we doing something wrong?


Hi Robert,

That module is not available anymore due to a minimal usage and unnecessary overhead. If we can help otherwise, please let us know - would be happy to assist you!




Hi, Jousef,
Thank for your fast answer. The problem is that I use simscale with my students (Aeronautical Engineering), and one of the practices is actually the simulation of a shock wave inside a convergent-divergent nozzle. With density-based solver (rhoCentralFoam) it was performing perfectly, but with pressured-based (rhoPimpleFoam) the convergence is much more complicated (I couldn’t still succeed). Is there any chance to use density-based solver? Or would it be a way to get results with pressure-based?
This is the link to my project.
With best regards


Thanks for letting me know! @Get_Barried has performed a study in the past on compressible solver(s), more than I did. Barry, do you want to comment on that? :slight_smile:




Hi @castilla,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to generate shock waves in any sufficiently accurate capacity with rhoPimpleFoam. Only Density Based Solvers are able to account for this. With the removal of this from SimScale, I’m afraid this is quite a dead end.