'deneme' simulation project by bkoyuncuoglu


I created a new simulation project called 'deneme':


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Hey @bkoyuncuoglu!

I got your request from support and would like to comment here related to your project. I managed to perform some simulations with your case. It seems like the material properties used were too soft considering your pressure value. So I changed the material properties to the O-ring rubber stress-strain data. The fitting of Neo-Hooke with this data in uniaxial and equibiaxial cases are shown below:



You can see that the fitted data for equibiaxial case is less stiffer than uniaxial. But in your case since you are looking forward to compression test, equibiaxial will make more sense. Moreover, fitting it rather with Signorini model (equibiaxial) will give better results. The Signorini fit looks like this:

You can see that Signorini gives way better fit. Of course these values will change according to your material data. In the case I have simulated, I have only considered Neo-Hooke uniaxial and biaxial. It is worth noting that I can get the results easily with pressure of 34000 Pa in case of uniaxial and 3400 Pa in case of equibiaxial. Moreover, I have performed cases with both first and second order meshes. The results from 2nd order you can see in an animation below:

You can find the link to the project here: https://www.simscale.com/projects/ahmedhussain18/support-deneme/

I hope this helps. If you have any question/s, feel free to ask.