'demo1' simulation project by kachana2015


I created a new simulation project called 'demo1':


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Hey @kachana2015!

Nice model! I think you want to fit the pyramid in to the square cutout. For that you can do the following:

1 Give a Physical Contact by changing the Nonlinear analysis to true under Analysis Type. You can than remove bonded contact and define a physical contact between the two.

  1. You can give displacement to the pyramid in the desired direction rather than giving force since you know normally how far is the pyramid. Also make sure that you ramp the displacement over time by using the function f(x) and writing something like ‘0.1*t’ , where 0.1 is the displacement value (may change according to your model).

  2. You need to than define the total time and timestep under Simulation Control, I would suggest to make it 1 and 0.1 respectively.

I hope this will help you to run this awesome project :wink:. If you have any question/s, feel free to ask. Happy Simulating!

-Ahmed (@ahmedhussain18)


A moving pyramid into the square cutout is considered.

Due to the penetration at the center, The intensity of stresses come down as we move to the contour. Because the pyramid move deep into the square cutout, Firstly: The stresses are very high at the corners of the inside part of the square cutout. Secondly: The outer contour of the square cutout is also deformed. The displacement on the pyramid is given as a function of time.


Hey @kachana2015!

Nicely done! Can you try to increase the Penalty coefficient of your contact from 100000000000 to probably 10000000000000. This will lead to slow convergence but better contact. Your pyramid will not than penetrate through the cutout that much compared to now :wink: