Defining the lift and drag axis for a case with flow at an angle

Thanks a lot Fillia! I can select the faces now. One more minor question - I am trying to adjust the lift direction (l_x and l_y) for different AoA to define the lift coefficient. However, they don’t exactly add up to 1 due to numerical errors (we get long decimals after sine and cosine), and SimScale doesn’t allow this

How do SimScalers usually define their l_x and l_y to define the direction of lift?

Hi there, a workaround would be to set them as 1 according to your original coordinate system, and after the simulation you can manually calculate the vectors according to your angle, does this make sense?

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I was looking for another way, but that works too! Thanks much for the support (new to SimScale and impressed by the firm support here :smiley: )

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I am happy to hear that, feel free to reach out anytime :smile:

Ok but that is my question. How to align the lift and drag direction to the angle of attack in the result controle, as I see it I can only choose between x y or z direction for the lift and drag direction, and as I understand it that is the global x y z direction of the cad model not the flow direction at a specific angle of attack.

Have a look at the solution here, cheers!

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