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DalesStuff: My Topics and Projects that I need quick access to 😉



Lately, I have been losing track of my forum topics and public projects when I need to access them, so that I can use them as resources in my current SimScale life…

The current user interface and search features still leave me taking too much valuable time to look up work that I have done before…

So, I am going to list the ones that I am proud of, here. (which also happens to be the ones that I have had trouble finding lately)…

It will always be easy for me to find this topic with a ‘DalesStuff’ search :wink: (I officially reserve the use of the word DalesStuff in the forums :wink: )

So, here goes:

My Public Projects:

  1. Magic Numerics for TETforCFD meshes

  2. yPlus Metrics : 1. Evaluate the effectiveness of auto-ranged y+ surface maps in determining if a strict y+ range applies to a mesh/simulation run 2. Develop additional metrics to determine if a mesh/simulation run applies to a strict y+ range.

  3. yPlus - Affects of strict yPlus ranging : Investigate strict yPlus ranges and the affects on simulation Results of having yPlus outside of strict ranges for a single geometry and multiple sim parameters.

  4. Rotated Force Results : For Simulations where Inlet Air angles are not perpendicular to the inlet face, the Force Results need to be rotated by the inlet air angle so that they represent true Lift and Drag forces. This project presents two methods to obtain the rotated force results.

  5. The project that lead to discovery of the Rotate Forces issue

  6. Mentor XS Paraglider : Compare the Lift/Drag ratio of a Mentor XS paraglider wing shape as if it were a solid wing with no air intakes, with the Mentor XS that has its original leading edge air intakes.

  7. UNFINISHED comparison of XFLR5 vs CFD

  8. UNFINISHED - Better Numerics for simulations of TETfoCFD meshes : This project investigates a way to more efficiently obtain good convergence and results for simulations using ‘TETforCFD’ meshes.

  9. To be continued :slight_smile:

My Topics (or ones in which I had significant input :wink: ):

  1. I got a lot of help here, Initial Turbulence Values

  2. Help that I provided on this Simulation Error Topic

  3. Magic numerics to get TETforCFD meshes to converge quicker (sometimes 1/11th real time and 1/6th core hours), to more stable CFD results

  4. If you change Inlet Air Angles to evaluate Lift and Drag forces at various Angles of Attack, YOU NEED TO READ THIS!

  5. If you use a Symmetry Plane Boundary Condition in a CFD simulation - YOU NEED TO READ THIS!

  6. Layering for yPlus of less than 1

  7. Very thin boundary layers and y+ on complex geometries

  8. XFLR5 vs CFD

  9. Ducting Boundary Conditions

  10. Issues with Cyclic Symmetry

  11. Mesh Independence Study - Layering disappears across study meshes

  12. Airship FEA

  13. Layering Topic with my input

  14. Optimizing simulation times

  15. My SimScale Videos

  16. ORSI

  17. Custom Inlet-Outlet confusion

  18. Rhino Geometry BUGS

  19. yPlusHistogram Program

  20. Eddy Viscosity Ratios

  21. Viewing the now buried Meshs in a project list

  22. FEA non convergence

  23. Every mesh has different number of volumes

  24. Calculating Center if Pressure

P.S. I promise not to bump it, so that it should disappear off everyone’s radar, unless replies are posted or someone links to it …


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Thanks for sharing this with us :slight_smile: Makes me think if we can open a new section where people can list their biggest achievements, what do you think?

Let me know how you want to call it, maybe we can put it as a sub-category in “Project Spotlight”?




As far as projects go, I think something like this would be cool:

  1. All of you public projects can stay in your dashboard as it happens now, but you may have 50 public projects and only a few that are actually finished to the point that they would be good enough for other people to use a resources.

  2. Lets create a ‘MyFinishedDashboard’ (name of your choice Jousef ) that you can add your best projects to.

  3. This MyFinishedDashboard should be where people are sent to when they click on this link that appears when you click on someones name in the forum:

That way people don’t have to sort thru the rifraf of unfinished/irrelevant projects you have…


Especially PowerUsers have the ability to set project to private so I would just set all the unfinished ones to private and set them to public once finished?

For standard users that’s not an option but that’s not what the academic plan is meant for in the first place. However we can start something like “project of the week” to harvest more interesting projects and the PowerUsers as well as the staff can review these projects which allows the users to use the “Staff picked” tag? What do you think?




I say especially NOT good for PU, because I have a lot of public projects that are rifraf simply because, in order to help people, I have to copy their project to work on them… and also, I make some unfinished ones public when I want help from the general forum people on them :wink: and besides, I want some order in my private ones too :wink:

Are you saying that ‘academic plan’ people should not be able to highlight a good project which they make, to others?

I have always thought we need a better way to find and display ALL the good projects…