'cylinder-test1' simulation project by rotteman


I created a new simulation project called 'cylinder-test1':

stress test of torr segments

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@rotteman - having a look at your project. When you upload multi-body solids (~29 here) you have to create contacts between adjacent parts or they do not behave as they are connected to one another. Thus it is better to fuse solids together prior to uploading the model to reduce the number of contacts that must be created.


Hi @rotteman @AnnaFless, I had a quick look at the project and luckily the topology is, despite the relatively high number of parts, very easy. I set up a sample nonlinear simulation with adding pre-stress to the bolts, using a physical contact between the two main parts and applying some small pressure (1 bar) to the inner cylinder.
The simulation runs pretty smoothly (40min for 10 increments).

Here are some of the results:

Von Mises Stress


You can check out the full project here.