'Cyclic Symmetric Rotor Under Centrifugal Force' simulation project by rszoeke


I created a new simulation project called 'Cyclic Symmetric Rotor Under Centrifugal Force':

In this project a static analysis of a cyclic symmetric rotor under centrifugal force is demonstrated.

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The rotor sector was uploaded to the SimScale platform and then meshed with the parametrized tetrahedralization algorithm. This resulted in one mesh with linear elements , which is shown below.

Because of the specifc type of symmetry a cyclic symmetry boundary condition has to be used in order to model the most realsitic behaviour of the rotor. The section angle of the model is 36°. Therefore this section represents one tenth of the whole rotor. Two analysis with diffrent loads were carried out to check the rotor under various operating points. The results show the stress performance and the displacement of the rotor under the diffrent rotation speeds. With this informations the design of the rotor and the housing can be made.