'Cultivator static structural' simulation project by cdiaz


I created a new simulation project called 'Cultivator static structural':

Static analisis of cultivator structural machinery

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@cdiaz - I took a look at the mesing process. It’s odd that the geometry upload log reports 1 solid and 2 shells which might be the problem for meshing. What CAD software did you export the STEP from?


@dheiny solid works


@cdiaz - and you created it with a “Union Boolean” feature, correct? That’s an approach I also used in the past and had success with. I’ll check your model…


I can Mesh whit the same STP in “another software of FEM”

whit no problems, i dont know what happ


@cdiaz - I filed a support request with the CAD/Mesh team. They’ll take a closer look here.


i make other simulation whit the same technique and i dont have problems https://www.simscale.com/projects/cdiaz/pedestrian_bridge_-_structural_validation/