'Cross Tip Flow' simulation project by tim1


I created a new simulation project called 'Cross Tip Flow':

Flow across tip

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@tim1 - I had a quick look at your simulation setup. Looks like you’re interested in the flow field around this object. A quick hint: Will this device “operate” within a closed box or are you interested in a “virtual wind tunnel” setup? If the latter is the case, then I’d recommend that you make the bounding box around the object larger, see the screenshot below:

To have accurate results, you want to minimize the interaction between the flow field around the object and the “artificial” walls of the virtual wind tunnel. So you always try to have them as far away that the interaction between these boundaries and the object are minimal but as close as possible to avoid unnecessary computing overhead.

As an example check out this image of a simulation from @Maciek shown in another thread: Here one can see that the high pressure / low velocity region in front of the car does not interact with the inlet which is good. Also the flow domain above and behind the car are far enough away from the bounding box that there is no significant interaction happening. With your mesh I’d expect this to look different. Therefore simply making the bounding box a bit bigger should be a simple solution.


Interesting, thanks for the hint. I don’t see any gradient in the U magnitude between the tip and the edge of the bounding box, which I assume means that my bounding box is sufficiently large?