'Creep Analysis of a Superheater Boiler Pipe' simulation project by ahmedhussain18


I created a new simulation project called 'Creep Analysis of a Superheater Boiler Pipe':

This project shows the creep analysis of a superheater boiler pipe.

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Superheaters are used in boilers to increase the thermal efficiency. They consists of several pipes which take the saturated steam and convert it into super-heated steam, in order to use it in steam engines or other processes (e.g. steam reforming). Since they are subjected to a high steam pressure, care should be taken when choosing the superheater’s material so that they can stand with higher temperature and pressure for a long period of time. In this project, the superheater pipe was tested for the high steam pressure and then the stresses were relaxed for maximum 100000 hrs to check it’s behavior over this period. Only the part of pipe was taken due to symmetry. The resulting geometry is shown in the figure below.

The geometry was meshed using second order fully automatic tetrahedralization on SimScale platform. The mesh is shown in the figure below.

The cyclic boundary condition was applied due to symmetry in order to represent the simulation for the whole pipe. The steam pressure of 10 MPa was applied to the inner surface of a pipe. Steel was selected with creep material behavior. The simulation was run for 100,000 hrs and the results were obtained. The figures below shows the von Mises stresses in pipe. It can be seen how the stresses were relaxed over the period of 100,000 hrs when comparing the two figures below taken at ~175 hrs and 100,000 hrs respectively.

The figure below shows the graph of creep strains.