Create new material?

I saw a post (but cannot find it again) that asked about creating custom material definitions, and the response was to modify an existing material definition including the name.

However, all the fields in the material dialog are unmodifible. Was the reponse relating to an older version? Or perhaps this is only available to pro accounts?

So, my question is can I define a material definition for PZT5A?

Hi, please refer to this page: How to Define a Custom Material? | Documentation | SimScale


Thanks Ricardo,

I was looking on the wrong dialog. I’ve made progress.

However, PZT has differing elastic modulus in different directions:
Elastic Modulus N/m2 x 10^10
YE11 6.7
YE33 5.3

Can I take that this cannot be modeled?

For the moment, you are correct.

On a side note, we do have an open roadmap where users can suggest features to be added:

Feedback is helpful, so please feel free to post anything that you feel that is missing. This information is taken into account when planning ahead new releases.

Good night!

Understood on the current limitation.

With regard to the roadmap. I’m probably not the right person to try and specify ths feature as I barely understand what I am trying to do. And my attempts to get some assistance with my understanding of the problem have fallen on deaf ears. Understandable I suppose as I’m a community user.

I’ve also seen others requesting anisotropic material definitions – for stuff like carbion fibre etc. – who seem to understand their problem domains far better than I currently do mine. I think they’d be better candidates for explaining their requirements.

Cheers, Buk.