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Could not upload file


I’m trying to upload a CAD assembly (STP file), but for some reason I get an error message (filesize = 460kb)

“Your file could not be uploaded succesfully. Please check the file format and check again.”

When I try to upload the same model using a different file type (STL file) it accepts the file, but the assembly is not OK anymore :frowning:.

I used to upload STP files without any troubles, so not sure why it’s giving this error? Anyone knows how to solve this?


Hi @jvarkevisser,

Usually we recommend the stp format but it’s hard to say why it’s not working in this case. Could you share the file here or email it to me


Hi @jvarkevisser and @AnnaFless!

Did you were able to solve this problem? I’m having similar problems with a STP file. The same “your file could not be uploaded successfully” message. I believe it is related to the size because I eliminated some operations in the geometry in order to make it lighter and then it worked. However the size limit is supposed to be 300 Kb and my file size was 196 kb before the operation elimination and 192 kb after doing it (when it worked). Am I wrong about the size limit? and if I’m not, any idea why is not working?



the upload limit is significantly higher, so this shouldn’t be the issue. It could be that the file can not be correctly translated / imported. If it’s only 300kb could you send it via email / dropbox link?

Thanks a lot,


Thank you @dheiny

Here you have the link to the STEP file

@ragemandav - excellent, thanks! Will look into it and get back to you asap!

@dheiny Thank for your help!


could you try again? It was a file encoding issue that has been fixed in the meantime - I just tried it and it worked for me, could you confirm?

Thanks and sorry for the troubles,


Its working know! Thank you for your amazing help!


I am having same issue. Actually it was uploaded but then i got this error after opening file. file size 2.64MB

Hi @hgurav

Can you share the CAD file with me?

Its done. Thank you for replying so quickly.

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Great, glad to hear!