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Corrupted mesh when using Hex-Dominant Parametric with multiregion mesh

Hi, simscale users

I am trying to simulate a flow in a rectangular duct under the influence of a heated wall. Therefore, it is necessary to create a multiregion mesh in order to separate fluid and solid regions. The problem is that when the meshing process is done, the geometry appears to be corrupted and missing some parts of the duct. It also behaves strangely while I’m trying to rotate it or selecting faces in other menus.

Here is the link to the public project:

Thanks in advance for the attention !

So the last two meshes are fine, the longer one, however, needs more cells in the x and y. You could use the same setup for x and y as you do in your later mesh.

Let me know if you need more help,

Hello, Darren
Thank you for the reply. I’m going to test the corrections and as soon as the new meshing is done I will post the results.

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