'Copper Beam Bending Analysis' simulation project by ahmedhussain18


I created a new simulation project called 'Copper Beam Bending Analysis':

This project shows the bending of the copper beam done through a half ring mold.

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In this project the bending of the copper beam is done via half ring mold. The geometry was created on Onshape. The geometry was meshed locally with first order hexahedral elements and uploaded to the SimScale platform. The geometry with mesh is shown in the figure below.

For the analysis nonlinear static structural was selected. The penalty contact with higher stiffness was used for the contact between copper beam and rings. Copper beam was assigned an elastoplastic material by uploading the stress strain data of the copper. The molder rings were fixed in all directions whereas the copper beam was given the displacement of 3 cm. The results below show the von Mises stress and total nonlinear strain formed in the bended copper beam.

Finally, the figure below shows the animation of the final result.