'Cooling Vest V2' simulation project by sameralomary


I created a new simulation project called 'Cooling Vest V2':

Second iteration

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Hi @sameralomary!

Very nice model and post-processing, kudos! Can you tell us what this simulation is all about and what the results were telling you. Did you make any adaptions and have several iterations inside this whole process?

All the best!



Hi Jousef!

I appreciate your comment. This model represents a senior design project cooling apparatus. My team and I wanted to understand the air flow, and flow behavior within the apparatus, as well as which outlets were being favored. We have used this data to modify our project IRL.

Thanks again!



Hi Samer (@sameralomary)!

Interesting! Have you documented your results and would like to share them with me? I would love to out your project into the project spotlight section to let users see what you guys have accomplished. You can write me a message here in the forum!