'Cooling system' simulation project by claudio


I created a new simulation project called 'Cooling system':

50 perc. ethylene glycol - water cooling system

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Hi @claudio,

I ran a brief incompressible, turbulent analysis of your model here: https://www.simscale.com/projects/dheiny/cooling_system

Expanding the analysis with heat transport should be straightforward as I understood that it’s some sort of a cooling system?




Thanks David for your work, and sorry for the delay.
I started this simulation by uploading a step file, as I was seeing some unwanted strainght lines connecting parts of the rings, I thought that there was something wrong in the file and I tried to upload a MED file mesh made with Salome, but the system gave me error. So I decided to stop working during holidays… :smile:
During these days I’ll go back to the simulation.
My first concern is about the overall pressure loss and that in every ring has a good fraction of the total flow, but yes, it is a cooling circuit surrounding some sort of heating cylinder, but I must say that I’d have no clue to perform such an analysis.

best regards


Hi @claudio,

makes sense! You mean these “spurious” edges, right? They are already filed as a bug report, because the STEP file is fine, just the generated vizualization for the web viewer draws some edges incorrect. Should be fixed soon.

Ah great - so if you’re first of all interested in pressure drop and flow distribution, my approach (steady-state, incompressible) is a good place to start!

Happy simulating!



Exactly those edges, very to know that the step is really ok and it is just a viewer issue.
I also discovered some bug in MED file export with Salome 7.7.1 (the latest) as also my cfd complains with the exported mesh. Everything looks fine with Salome 7.6.
I’ll match my results with the ones made with Simscale asap.
If you can point me to some resources including heat transfer it might be an interesting step forward in the future.

Thank you



even though it’s a very different application, the simulation setup used in @Milad_Mafi’s project of a server room can be used for your simulation as well:


In this solver, the density varies with temperature such that buoyant effects are captured.

Let me know how it goes!