'Cooling_plate' simulation project by alerch


I created a new simulation project called 'Cooling_plate':

I want to get the pressure loss of this cooling plate. This one is for cooling of IGBTs.

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Hi @alerch - very interesting project. Is ther any chance you could also upload the positive CAD model (as in not the flow domain but the actual solid domain)? It would be great demo project for conjugate heat transfer that I’d like to set up!

Thanks in advance,



Hi @dheiny,
thanks! Of course, I uploaded the right CAD model. The next step would also be a conjugate heat transfer simulation. Some boundary conditions would be:

  • Inlet flow rate about 2 l/min (water)
  • There are 4 IGBTs on the plate (I think you have to make 4 little faces on top for the heated zone before uploading?)
  • Water temperatur inlet should be around 55 - 60 °C
  • Heat dissipation of the 4 IGBTs together is about 0.9 kW

I also have to watch a conjugate heat transfer tutorial to get in this topic!

But I have a problem with the first model for this simulation, it’s not watertight. How can I fix this?


Hi @alerch,

great - thanks for uploading the positive model. I’ll give it a spin soon (might need some more time until I get around it).

Regarding the missing watertightness: Did the mesh generation fail so far already? The hex-dominant mesh algorithm is rather robust against not-so-clean CAD. So I’d give it a spin anyways. If it fails, I’ll take a closer look!




Hi @dheiny,

the meshing worked! Looks fine, but was just an automatic one. Now looking forward for the simulation!