'Cooling of a LED Heat Sink with Natural Convection' simulation project by stadlerj


I created a new simulation project called 'Cooling of a LED Heat Sink with Natural Convection':

In this project a steady state heat transfer analysis of a led heat sink is demonstrated.

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The heat sink was uploaded to the SimScale platform and then meshed with the parametrized tetrahedralization algorithm. This resulted in the following mesh.

The LED emits light with a power of 24 W. For the dissipated heat we assume 80% of this power. Therefore a heat of 20 W has to be dissipated by the LED and the heat sink. A steady state heat transfer analysis is carried out to determine the operating temperature of the LED. When the LED is emitting light it is getting 54° C warm, while the temperature of the heat sink stays at about 27° C at an ambient temperature of 20° C. The temperature of the LED is important for its lifetime and can by altered by changing the geometry of the heat sink. The heat flux and temperature fields of the simulation are shown below.


Your post has proved invaluable for this novice - thanks!
One question - How did you calculate your flux load of 2026.34Wm2? i understand that the thermal power is 20w but i’m struggling with this equation.

Any advice would be great!