'Cooling jacket' simulation project by pete20r2


I created a new simulation project called 'Cooling jacket':

cooling jacket for heat source

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@pete20r2 - I gave your model a spin over here: https://www.simscale.com/projects/dheiny/cooling_jacket/ It’s not fully converged and the mesh resolution is not fine enough as the volume ratio between layer cells and internal flow cells is very high but it’s a first step.


I'd be interested in what the geometry is about. What are you cooling with it? Why is it so thin? It'll have a huge pressure drop that way...


Hi, @dheiny
Unfortunately I can’t say exactly what this is for. The heat will come from cylindrical elements on the +z side of the geometry.
I noticed you remeshed with tets, is that better than the hex elements I was using for this application?
Also, what are the options for wall functions and what considerations should I have looking at such a thin channel?
You said that the volume ratio is too high currently, I haven’t calculated y+ yet but I suspect that I won’t be able to use a wall function.


Hi @pete20r2,

I see - so you’re planning on running a convective heat transfer analysis ultimately? Or are you only interested in pressure drop calculation?

Regarding your questions:

  • Remeshing with tets was rather a practical approach. The boundary layer inflation there will ensure the number of layers you’re specifying while it might reduce the layer height (you can see that in the mesh). The hex-dominant mesher tends to not generate layers if there is “not enough space”. Ultimately I’m confident that you can generate a good mesh with both of them - tet was just faster for a first test.
  • Regarding whether or not to use wall functions in such a small channel, @dylan might have a good hint
  • Volume ratio too high will be easy to fix by simply tuning up the surface mesh fineness. This will automatically give you smaller pyramid elements from the layer cells to the tets in the flow channel

Will follow your project - very interested in seeing how it goes!

Hope that helps,