'Cooling_casing_3' simulation project by alerch


I created a new simulation project called 'Cooling_casing_3':

Modified cooling body with longer in- and outlets. The goal is still to get the pressure loss.

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@alerch - great project and post-processing! Have you been able to derive the pressure loss? Happy to take a closer look if helpful!

BTW: What’s the cooling device for? What does it actually cool?


@dheiny - thanks! The pressure loss is round about 0.5 bar (50000 Pa), can’t believe that this is truth. I think it’s too high. In this case I used the automesh with the very fine level. I have problems to do a parametric one. Even the mesh log says that my mesh is not OK. I also tried a mesh on a new geometry with less sharp edges but then there is a problem with the geometry.

This cooling body is for our Formula Student car from eMotorsports Cologne. It cools the electric motors sitting near the wheels. The next step will be to simulate with Simscale the convectiv/conjugate heat transfer between the motor and the cooling device.