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Cooling by rotating water though density difference

Hello, i m trying to get a cooling system by passivly rotating water in a closed loop i startet a projekt but i dont think the boundry condition or powersupply are used correctly.

One Block should be at a fixed cool temperatur while the block on the other side is on a constant high temperatur. The one in the middle should show the hotsports and temperatur “current”. Sothat i can compare the water cooled one with a full block of material.
It would be nice if someone has a tio for the right boundry conditions. and or Subdomains

I have a tried many different aproaches but it doesn´t seem right.’

I hope there are not to many spelling mistakes.

Sorry for not seeing this earlier @MilanRom!!

Did you make some progress in the meantime? :slight_smile:



Just a little bit, but i m very unsure about the initial assumtions of the “loads” like boundryconditions and Powersources.
I´d like to have no power source but a fixed tempratur of the blocks on the sides an a heattransfercoefficient that i can cange manually

Thats already