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Contacts not detected in CHT simulation

While creating a new CHT simulation, I got the following error-

The geometry consists of a solid body and two flow regions.
Although the imprint was successful, still no interfaces were detected.
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There is an ongoing issue which is causing the contact detection to fail for some geometries. The team is already working on the problem, and a fix should be released next week.

In the meantime, is it possible for you to export the geometry in different formats (see the list of supported formats here). Saving the geometry in a different format works in some cases.

Please let us know if you run into difficulties.



I am having the same problem. Has any of the formats helped? I have tried all of them in my CHT simulation.

I tried autodesk ipt, parasolid binary and text, catiaV5, stl and STEP formats, but none of them worked for me either.