'Contact Tolerance Example' simulation project by rszoeke


I created a new simulation project called 'Contact Tolerance Example':

A simple example project that visualizes the effect of the contact tolerance setting of contact constraints using the Code_Aster solver.

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Two connected flat plates (0.05m * 0.01m * 0.002m, 0.025m offset) with one end fixed and an vertical force of 100N at the other end. Plates connected with a bonded contact. Reference model has been partitioned to have two exactly overlapping faces at the connection. The second model uses the position tolerance feature of the Code_Aster solver to connect only nodes near the master surface.

A moderate second order automatic tetrahedral mesh was created for both geometries, resulting in a mesh size of 376K nodes for the partitioned model and 379K nodes for the unpartitioned one. The solution takes about 25min with a 4-Core machine and an iterative linear system solver solver (GCPC).

Reference Model:

No Tolerance:

With Tolerance:

Comparison of deflection in vertical direction:

  • Reference Solution (partitioned model): 8.0076 mm
  • No Tolerance: 0.36005 mm, relative error: -95.5%
  • 0.1mm Position Tolerance: 8.0058mm, relative error: -0.02%


nice explanation @rszoeke!