'Connecting-Rod-Analysis' simulation project by afischer


I created a new simulation project called 'Connecting-Rod-Analysis':

This project shows how to set up a linear static analysis for an elastic body.

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The mesh is created using the Fully automatic tetrahedralization operation that automatically adjusts the meshing parameters based on the geometric dimensions and properties of the geometry base file. Thus the operation is very useful in order to quickly generate a reasonable mesh and set up a first simulation run of the physical system. One can get some information on the automatically selected parameters for the meshing operation in the Event log. In a further step one can adapt those parameters in a Parametrized tetrahedralization operation in order to modify the fineness of the mesh.

In order to calculate the static response of the structure to pressure loading a static analysis is performed. The rod is fixed on the big end and is loaded by a compressive pressure load that is distributed over 180 degree on the small end of the structure. As the displacements are very small it is convenient to illustrate the displacement field with a Warp by vector-filter in a post-processing step.