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Conjugate heat transfer of breathing

Hi I would like to simulate the conjugate heat transfer of breathing (through the nostrils) in a room. How would you suggest I go about generating the nostrils as a velocity outlet? I created a cylinder within the nose opening but the meshing had a fatal IO error.

Thank you in advance for the help!

Project link:


Is there a particular reason for using conjugate heat transfer for this simulation? I would normally expect either incompressible (if temperature/buoyancy effects are not of your interest) or convective heat transfer for such simulations.

On the question about the nostrils: it depends on the time dependency that you are looking to use. If it’s a transient simulation, I commonly see the velocity being defined via a table.

I would strongly suggest that you start off with a simple steady-state simulation though, to get a feeling for the setup. Transient studies require extra caution (this webinar is insightful).

PS: you should be able to find similar projects in the public projects section.