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Conjugate Heat Transfer "Error"

I am trying to simulate conjugate heat transfer between 3 solid regions. I used a multi-region OpenFOAM mesh. The region in the middle “core” has a volumetric heat source. The boundaries are all assumed to be at 300 K. I defined the coupled interfaces under the domain. The case check runs fine. For some reason, I get “Error” when I run the case. There is no log or anything specific given.

Link to case:

Please check the case and let me know what is wrong. I can’t even access the files for the case. It’d be nice if you allow people to access the OpenFOAM case so they could at least know what is going on. We are assessing whether or not to use Simscale for our future projects.

Hi @ktalaat and thanks a lot for your feedback!

The @PowerUsers_CFD and I will have a look at the case and get back to you as soon as possible! About the feedback I would recommend to add your request to this thread: Vote For Features.

Thanks a lot!


Hi @ktalaat,

Taking a first look at your project, I have not seen a fluid domain or fluid material setted.
If you want to see the heat transfer acting in 3 solids I suggest you to try to simulate using Heat Transfer module. So to do that you will need to set a Tet-dominant mesh which I suggest to do with SimScale as well.

Maybe this project helps you as a guide to do that.
Please, let me know if it helps you.