'Concrete Mixer' simulation project by ZinanLi


I created a new simulation project called 'Concrete Mixer':

This Project Shows A Static Structural Analysis for A Concrete Mixer Bucket

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The original CAD was part out of the Concrete Mixer model from GrabCAD member Oscar

The model was prepared mainly in terms of removing unnecessary small features and merged into one solid only. It was then taken as one quarter symmetric model and uploaded as a STEP file to the Platform.

For the mesh generation we apply a fine, second order fully automatic tetrahedralization. The resulting mesh consists of around 398.000 volumes and is shown in the figure below.

Two symmetric boundary conditions were made. The load was applied with a three (US) tons of concrete mass to the inside bucket in z-direction. Afterwards a static structural analysis was carried out.

The figure above shows the von Mises stress performance of the model. In the last image the filter warp by vector was applied to illustrate the deformation of the geometry. The design engineer can now alter the geometry to ensure a more robust structure between the holder pole and the thin-layer bucket body.