'Compressible airflow around an airfoil_meshTest' simulation project by gholami


I created a new simulation project called 'Compressible airflow around an airfoil_meshTest':

Tutorial for Compressible airflow around an airfoil

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Hi @gholami.

I am very interested in your project since I am trying to simulate three NACA airfoils in compressible conditions. With the mesh of you project I have been able to simulate your profile at a wind speed of 223 m/s (which is the velocity I need for my project). But when I try to simulate the geometries I have, with meshes that I have created in SimScale, the results I achieve are wrong due to the meshes (in the pictures attached it can be seen that the change of cell level appeared in the pressure field, it happen the same in the speed and temperature field but i just attached the pressure field).

Could you please explain me how and with which programe have you create the mesh you used?

Kind regards


Hi @atalavera_diez, glad to see your work. That mesh is taken from one of OpenFOAM’s tutorials. According to their notes, it is originally created in STAR-CD PROSTAR and converted to OpenFOAM mesh.

You cannot create that mesh on our platform at the moment. However, it is possible to create something similar with blockMesh and upload it. Have a look at the blockMesh example provided here by colinB. I ran it locally and it should give what you need. Just adjust it to your case and run it. Let me know if you I could help with using it.