'compliant mounting plate' simulation project by jhahn


I created a new simulation project called 'compliant mounting plate':

compliant mounting plate for cnc mill

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@jhahn, nice project you are doing, are the results what you expected?

It seems with ‘Verbiner Mesh’ that the bounding box is quite large ~ 93 m diagonal length.


@AnnaFless, I did not use this mesh. It is a mesh generated from a model, which was imported from openscad and should have had 93 mm diagonal length. But I did not even notice that, because I used another CAD tool for creating the model, I simulated in the end.


Ok, just thought I would point it out in case you were planning to run a simulation with it in the future. The mesh itself looks great but would need to be exported with the units of meters (FAQ: How are units handled?).