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Complete analysis of forced convection (radiators) of led heatsink (AL material)

can you please help me to analyse thermal analysis of forced convection Al heatsink led power source with heat tranfer flow rate at different time interval, luminosity variation with lux output and also the temperature variation

Hi @sbajoria!

Based on what you have described, you may need to perform a CHT analysis where you can control heat transfer flow rate. If you want your flow to change over time, you may need to perform a transient simulation which will be super expensive specially when you are taking in to account the thermal + buoyancy effects also.

I would suggest you to initially perform a simple structural heat transfer analysis. In this analysis, you can upload a table for different convection coefficients value over a time. This will make this simulation transient and will some how give you a similar effect. But since the convection will be applied uniformly over the surfaces, the effect will be different compared to actual heat transfer flow rate analysis. Moreover, if you are considering a non advanced solver, you can also use radiation which will take heat out of the system for very high temperatures (~ more than 200 to 300 oC).

After this you can perform a CHT analysis, I will suggest you to focus on steady state for a specific flow rate. Once this is done, you can change the flow rate for another steady state case.

This is currently not possible.

Temperature variation of the source can be done

I hope this helps. In case of any question/s, feel free to ask. If you are stuck with setting up your simulation, please paste a link to your project here so I and other forum members can have a look.