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I would like to know when does the 3000 hours in the community plan run eg is it calendar year or the date you joined. Cannot find any information on this.

Thanks in advance.

Regards Wayne


Hi @wwright,

3000 hours relates to the core computing hours on the platform, not real time.

You can find more information here.




Thanks for the reply and I understood this concept, but that was not my questions which is not address as far as i can tell in the FAQ. My question is when is the start date for your 3000 core hours, or put another way, when will your 3000 hours be renewed. Is this based on calendar year or the date you joined Simscale or some other date.

Regard Wayne


Hi @wwright,

I don’t believe the 3000 hours resets. Once it is used up, there is no more. Unless you opt for a paid plan.



EDIT: Jousef has pointed out that the hours reset every year. My mistake!


Hi Wayne & Barry!

3,000 core hours are for one year - more core hours can be booked anytime or you can upgrade your plan to professional as Barry mentioned.