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Combining a Dynamic simulation with internal flow

Is it possible to combine an internal flow model with dynamic simulation, for example, an airbag inflation with a drop test?

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Hi Raf, thank you for using the forum!
It is not possible to combine analysis types, but you could extract data from your flow analysis and use them as input for your dynamic simulation, etc. What exactly do you wish to simulate?
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Hi Fillipa

I want to model an car airbag inflating at the same time as a head form impacting it.

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Unfortunately you can not combine the two analysis types, but maybe you can simulate the material of the bag, being ‘inflated’ by a pressure distribution on the inside, that represents the air? I am tagging my colleague @ggiraldof to add some insights :slight_smile:

Hi all,
to simulate the inflation of an airbag, for the mechanical part we definitely would need an explicit dynamics solver, which is not available on SimScale at present. We base all the structural analyses on fully implicit FEA.

You would rather look after Abaqus Explicit, LS Dyna or a similar tool for this kind of analyses.



Hi Richard

When is an explicit solver likely to be available in Simscale?



Hi Raf,
unfortunately there is no timeline yet which I could share with you.

You can find the information about our next developments in our public roadmap:

There is also a place where you could add specific new feature suggestions.