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CodeAster System Specification

Dear Team,

I have a 3 system with different configurations, I set a same case for all three systems with 5 lakh elements.

All three taking the same time ( 2 hours ) to finish the job, But i set a CPU processor and memory’s are differently.

I am using ASTK Only.

For System 1 : Memory = 4096 MB with 2 Processor

For System 2 : Memory = 3096 MB with 2 Processor

For System 3 : Memory = 4096 MB with 4 Processor

Any specification to set a Memory and Processor in aster ?


Memory : 7.7 GB

Processor : Intel Core i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20 GHz * 4

Graphics : NVD9


Memory : 7.7 GB

Processor : Intel Core i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00 GHz * 4

Graphics : Intel Sandybridge


Memory : 15.6 GB

Processor : Intel Core i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60 GHz * 8

Graphics : HD Graphics 630

How to make a run time lesser with higher configuration workstations.

My question is when i am puting a run in core i5 its taking 2 hours to finish the job. When i am using core i7 with more memory and cpus compare to core i5 its taking same time (2 hours) to finish the job. How to reduce a solver time is less.

Hi @duraisamy!

I am not very familiar with the parallelization techniques one can use inside Code_Aster but sometimes using more cores does not give you the advantage you might anticipate by just using a brute force approach as “splitting up and and merging” the processes might often take longer for more cores (depending on the problem). I have found an external link that might help you: Code_Aster architecture issues.

Tagging our CA expert @rszoeke here who might give you more information on your issue and if there is a special compilation issue that users can choose between.

All the best!


Hi @duraisamy,
the selection of the “best” settings depend heavily on the linear you are using (MUMPS, MultFront, PETSC,…), which itsellf depend on the actual case you are trying to solve. It is impossible to give a general advice on “optimal” settings because of this.

Recently there were some informative documents uploaded to the code-aster training materials regarding the speed up of studies, you will find a lot of useful information there.
Also, going through the notes on the use of linear solvers from the code-aster documentation might help.


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