'CO contamination within a garage' simulation project by dheiny


I created a new simulation project called 'CO contamination within a garage':

contamination control for garage

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CAD model of a garage, where one car is parked at the one end of it, contaminating the garage. Next to the car, air is going into the garage, 4 outlets enable air to leave the garage.


Fully automatic hex-dominant mesh operation was used to generate a 3.4 million cell mesh including a refined viscous boundary layer region for CFD:


In the simulated scenario, 1 car is located at the air inlet end of the garage. The car is simplified with a cube, where one face is the inlet of the contaminating gas. The gas is modeled as a passive scalar, so it is only transported with the velocity field but has no impact on the flow itself. Two scenarios were looked at: the gas being injected with 0.1 m/s and with 2 m/s.

Direct comparison of gas distributions in 0.1 m/s scenario (top) and 0.2 m/s scenario:

Slice visualization of the velocity field (2 m/s inlet)

Steady state distribution of the gas with 2/ms inlet speed:

Gas concentration iso surfaces:

90% Gas concentration iso surface:

70% Gas concentration iso surface:

50% Gas concentration iso surface:

30% Gas concentration iso surface:

Streamline visualization of the velocity field:


Residual convergence not yet ideal, more work / new mesh might be necessary. But first results do look reasonable.