Circular saw - Simulation of the air flow


is it possible to simulate the air flow around a turning circular saw blade?

I have a Bosch PTS 10 circular saw with a real bad dirt collection. Even with a strong vaccum cleaner, the results are poor.
I plan to use a strong fan with a thin jet nozzle to blow the dirt away from the blade and his air flow.
Then the dirt should be easly collectable with the vaccum cleaner.
So i want to simulate both air flows to see whether this idea works…


Hi @wmay!

You could use the MRF approach for your project. If you already have a CAD model feel free to share the project link with us. On top of that always make sure that the geometry that will be rotating is enclosed in a cylinder that will be used as the MRF domain. Tagging @Get_Barried, @vgon_alves and @Anware here who might give you some additional input.



Hi @wmay,

This should be feasible. To keep it simple, you should have the blade and the front part of the saw modeled. The saw will need to be enclosed in order to use the MRF zone. Mesh that, calculate out the rotational velocity and it should give you some good gauge of flow around the saw.

Hope this helps!