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CHT Meshing

The meshing of my project failed once after 6 hours and I reduced the fineness, as the error recommended, but still it is taking a very long time. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? It also mentioned I might need to use another system, but is that true? My laptop is quite powerful and I can not imagine there would be a task that it can not manage.

Here’s a link to my project:

Thank you!

Hey @sghaemi!

The simulations are running on the cloud so this has nothing to do with your machine. @CFD-SQUAD, do you mind having a look at our user’s settings and see if something can be optimized?



Hi @sghaemi,

Your mesh is now 56 Mcells and you would need thousands of core hours and hundred times more memory (on the cloud) to run your 1000 steps simulation. After just two steps you have that message:

Bottom line is that you have to make your mesh smaller (well, even tiny first, < 3 Mcells) in order to proceed with your simulation… WIthout that reduction, you will exhaust your mesh / simulation core-hours in few days.

I suggest to switch off the ‘Physics-based meshing’, as it brings extreme resolution to edges, which is not helpful in your study (stagnation zones)…

Take care,


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