CHT Mesh Generation


I can not figure out why I receive this error as I try to generate the mesh:
The physics can not be taken into account as the simulation setup is not valid. Complete your simulation setup before generating the mesh in order to optimize the mesh for your application.

I am quite new to SimScale and I would appreciate if someone helps me figure it out.

Link :

HI @sghaemi
I check your project and at first glance its look like set up error. if you check your model gravity in “model tab” its -y in direction. so your inlet B.C. should in +X direction, not in -X.

and I can’t see Error that you mention in the above post.
Hope this will help you. Please let me know if this work.


Hi Rohit,

Thank you for replying, I changed the direction of the inlet but I still receive the same message. Any other Ideas?

Hi @sghaemi,

Thanks for reaching out on the forums! I’m exactly sure why this is happening, but I just had a look at your project and you don’t have any thermal boundary conditions; this may be why physics based meshing is shutting off. CHT implies a heat transfer and you don’t have 2 thermal boundary conditions.

It looks to me like this should be an incompressible flow analysis, right?