CHT Cell zones

I’m trying to create a simple CHT model of a heater heating fluid in a pipe. I was able to import the STEP file with 3 solids (heater, pipe and fluid). However, on meshing I cant get the cell zones to generate so when it comes to generate the interfaces I cant do it. I followed the meshing tutorial SimScale Documentation | Online Simulation Software | SimScale exactly. I’ve also tried uploading the geometry in different formats bu with no success. I’m not getting any errors with the mesh. I’m just not getting the cell zones generated so that I can define the interfaces as in Thermal Management Tutorial: Electronics Box Cooling | SimScale.
The project is at SimScale



Hi Paul (@pmcentee),

This is actually an issue on our end as we have not been able to keep pace with updates to the tutorials. Thus, you’ll see in the meshing log that the interfaces have been automatically defined already (a real time-saver :slight_smile: ). You can proceed with the simulation setup now - define all the boundary conditions, leaving alone the interface definitions and then run the simulation.

You can reference this post: Fluid interface error