'Chimney pollution analysis' simulation project by Milad_Mafi


I created a new simulation project called 'Chimney pollution analysis':

In this project the transport of exhaust gases into the atmosphere through a chimney of a plant is simulated.

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The fluid volume around the plant has been extracted via a local CAD software and was uploaded as a STEP file, consisting out of a single solid. The mesh generation has been done using an automatic hex-dominant mesh operation.

For the simulation setup, a steady-state turbulent fluid flow analysis type in a addition to a passive scalar model for the exhaust gases was used. This means that the gas itself does not have an impact on the fluid flow but is transported with the flow. Also molecular diffusion effects are accounted for - however depending on the velocity field of the flow, it is often very small in comparison to the convective transport effects. The image below shows the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. One can see how the gas is distributed within the environment.