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Chemical reaction UDF

Good morning my friends,

I’m new to CFD so I need your help.
I am currently trying to simulate the temperature distribution across a batch reactor for biogas production. To simulate the production of biogas I need to insert this chemical reaction in the simulation:

C6H12O6 = 3CO2 + 3CH4

I know that Simscale doesn’t allow the use of chemical reactions in your simulations. My question here refers to the use of other software that I also use. Could you guide me how to accomplish this feat? Googling a bit, I noticed that UDF models are widely used. Grateful for everything. @roy_g @jousefm @vgon_alves

I dont know a lot about chemistry but if the reaction releases heat and you can calculate how much heat then you can model the heat as a power source. Openfoam (on which simscale is built) has a chemicle reaction solver. Openfoam is a free open source cfd package but it has no user interface and is a lot more difficult to use.

Hi guys!

It is correct that one of SimScale’s solver is OpenFOAM but we have no option/module released which would allow you to create simulations for chemical reactions. If you want to see that on our platform, please make sure to add your request inside the Vote for Features category.